The Towers of San Pantaleo

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The Towers of San Pantaleo


e Torri San Pantaleo rappresentano il complesso granitico più importante della Gallura Orientale e prendono il nome dal vicino paese posto a nord di Olbia. A pochi chilometri dalla Costa Smeralda, le Torri di San Pantaleo si potrebbero considerare le "Dolomiti" della Sardegna.

The greatest elevation is represented by Punta Cugnana, 650 m.
But the most interesting spiers from a climbing point of view are certainly:

  • Punta di Sant’Andrea, 366 m
  • Punta di la Vigna Vecchia, 361 m
  • Punta Pelchia Manna, 421 m
  • Punta Balbacanu, 420 m

The Towers of San Pantaleo are located in a “clean climbing” area and therefore the routes are not equipped, those few bolts that are there are not in good condition and are generally the mistake of someone who was unable to climb the wall with the style of the opener.
Access and descent take place in the Mediterranean scrub, without a path but the orientation is not problematic. Access it with the appropriate clothing.

Stazzo Manzoni
The easiest access starts from the Stazzo Manzoni which can be reached by following a small road that departs from the center of the village of San Pantaleo, if necessary ask for information on the spot.
The most interesting routes are the T38 on the Punta di Sant’Andrea and the T39 on the Punta Balbacanu.
Another beautiful and easy (IV) climb is the crest of Punta di la Vigna Vecchia, a sort of comb resting with the teeth facing upwards.

Borgo Antico San Pantaleo Hotel
Borgo Antico San Pantaleo