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Pevero Health Trail


n Costa Smeralda c’è un modo, unico e affascinante, per vivere a pieno contatto con la natura, tenersi in forma e conoscere la storia: è quello di fare il Pevero Health Trail. Aperto nell’estate del 2017, il percorso – realizzato da Smeralda Holding in collaborazione con il Consorzio Costa Smeralda e il Pevero Golf Club – quest’anno è stato potenziato e arricchito per renderlo ancora più invitante e fruibile per i suoi visitatori, che siano agonisti o amatoriali, in tutti i periodi dell’anno.

The Pevero Health Trail winds along one of the areas of greatest environmental value of the Costa Smeralda, which is nestled between the Pevero and Romazzino rivers and which takes the name of Monti Zoppu, which translated from Gallura into Italian means Monte Zoppo. Overall it is thirteen kilometers long, all dirt roads. The difficulty of the route varies from point to point: in some it is low, in others it is average. The paths can be practiced both on foot and by mountain bike; in the first case it is recommended to use running shoes. The advice is to always carry a water bottle with you.

There are five entry and exit points to the Pevero Health Trail: Grande Pevero, Pevero, Piccolo Romazzino, Romazzino and Porto Liccia. The paths are intertwined in several points and are all very well marked by signs made of recycled wood, colored in white and red according to the canons of the Italian Alpine Club. They indicate the various directions and provide information on historical or environmental points of interest. To help with the signs, the Pevero Health Trail can be consulted on a paper map, at the internet address and with a QR code, present in all the signs and thanks to which, using the smartphone, it will be possible to determine exactly your position. There are also 11 fitness points, equipped with stainless steel benches and tools.

Those who set out along the Pevero Health Trail will have the opportunity to make numerous discoveries. That of Monti Zoppu is a very extensive area, equal to over 300 hectares, and has a great biodiversity. The dominant landscape is that of the Mediterranean scrub. There are juniper, mastic, phillyrea, strawberry tree, olive, myrtle, heather, cistus plants and, in the most sheltered points from the wind, holm oak. But there is no lack of particularity. There is the Phoenician juniper and the one called coccolone, with which the beams were built to support the roofs of the Gallura stazzi. In the dunes of Grande Pevero – a beach whose name in Gallura was Rena Manna, “the big beach” – there is the Vulneraria barba di Giove, which in Sardinia is found only in Capo Caccia, near Alghero, and in some islands of the archipelago of the Maddalena.

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